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Although this not about Pokemon,NeoPets are in some ways similar.

Neopets are an online community of virtual pets.If you like Pokemon,then you should diffinitely like NeoPets.Besides,it's really fun.You get to pick your own species and also get to feed it and play with it.Best of all,there is also a Battledome(where you battle your pets). Please sign up!!It is a great experience to get your own pet and take care of it.

There's still more.Besides feeding it and battling it,you can also do other stuff like buy and sell items.Neopoints or NP allow you to do that.NP is like virtual money that you can use to buy stuff for yourself or your NeoPet.There is a bank too!Going on a treasure hunt is another option.You can get very rare items from it.There is a still whole lot to tell.Why don't you just visit it and give it a try.If you like it,sign up.If you don't,don't sign up.It's up to you to decide whether you like it or not.(Oh,and those of you who are interested can click on the banner above.)

Anyways,as I was saying,you can also get you NeoPet a Petpet(a pet for your pet).Petpets are like NeoPets,except you don't take care of them.You pet takes care of them.If you find a Petpet paint brush,you can paint your Petpet the same color,too.Many paint brushes are special,but some are basic colors like red,blue,yellow,and green.

That's not all.You'll also get a personalized e-mail and your own webpage,too.The webpage is all yours.You can do anything to it.But there are still a lot of things not mentioned like:contests(beauty,caption,mystery picture,and a whole lot more!),games(Poke Match,Kacheekers,Faerie Caves,and more),Neopet jobs(like when you play a game,you'll get NP),training schools(they make you pet ready for combat in the Battledome),and lot more that's too long to list!

Listen,if you're still not interested,then you can just forget about what I just said.But,I have to tell the truth and the truth is the whole thing is really fun.I mean,if it's Friday after school and you're sitting there with nothing to do,then this must be the best time to get a pet and play with it! { (^.^) <-- Pikachu }