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Pokemon News

This part has news on the release of recent Pokemon games.

July 31, 2001
Pokemon Crystal is just released!!!! The game that we have been waiting for is finally released!!! Now you can select your gender when you play. There is also the new Battle Tower. It is like Pokemon Stadium, only it is smaller version of it. Oh yeah, the animation on the Pokedex and in battle also moves. But the greatest improvement is probably still the Battle Tower. Now you can battle like Pokemon Stadium without having to own one!!!

December 4, 2000
Pokemon Puzzle League has come to the Gameboy system!!!! This pak contains puzzles that you must solve to go on to another part of the world. You can also catch pokemon by performing specific tasks before going to a certain gym. The idea is that you defeat everyone in a puzzle game instead of the battles in Pokemon adventures.

October 15, 2000
Pokemon Gold/Silver is released! Gold and Silver is a sequal to Red/Blue/Yellow.It takes place in a whole new world!!! It even includes a clock that keeps track of real time as it passes! The best thing about Gold and Silver is the new pokemon (101 new) and the new world (Johto, neighbor of Kanto). The hero is also different. Ash doesn't even play a role in Pokemon Gold/Silver.

April 10, 2000
Pokemon Trading Card Game comes to GBC!!!! Now you can play your favorite trading card game on the Gameboy Color!! This might not sound as exciting,but it is really fun to play. You get to play cards against club leaders to get medals. When you collect them all, you'll get to challenge the ultimate masters of the card game. This game has everything for a card lover. So if you're one,t his game should defininately be the right one for you!!!!!

October (?) , 1999
Pokemon Yellow is finally released!!!!! The more improved game of Pokemon Red/Blue is actually not very different form the original version. But some improvements are to be noted: Pikachu follows you around the screen, different graphics for Pokedex and battle animation, and you can get all of the starting pokemon plus Pikachu.

June 28, 1999
Pokemon Pinball is out!A lthough this is not your average Pokemon RPG, it offers lots of challenges just like the pinball machine. You can also catch pokemon with this pak,though it's not with a Pokeball. Even if it's not, it is still alot of fun to play. Who knows? Maybe you'll get to be a pinball fanatic from this game!

September 30, 1998
Pokemon Red/Blue is released!! It is the first advnture that Ash embarks on. The graphics are pretty impressive, but can be improved a lot more. The game offers RPG (role-playing game) style battles and lots of creatures that you must capture. It looks like this game is going to be a real blockbuster!!!!!!!!!!!!