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Gold/Silver/Crystal Walkthrough

This page has a walkthrough on Gold, Silver, and Crystal.

Gold/Silver/Crystal Walkthrough

You'll start in your room.Exit the room and talk to your mom to get the Pokegear.Go out of your house and into Professor Elm's lab.Get your Pokemon and instructions on your errand.

Now,go on the road to Cherrygrove City.Talk to the man standing outside the city to receive the Map Card.Then continue on to Mr.Pokemon's house.Mr.Pokemon will give you an egg and Professor Oak will give you a Pokedex.Deliver the egg to Professor Elm,but on the way you'll meet your rival.He'll challenge you to a battle.Beat him and go on.

You'll can now go on to the next city.You'll come to Violet City.Go to the Sprout Tower and beat the elders to get HM5,Flash.Then,go to the gym to get a badge.

Go down the road to Union Cave.Get through it and arrive at Azalea Town.Go to the Slopoke Well and defeat Team Rocket.Then,beat the gym leader there.You'll meet up with your rival,so you'll need to level up.

Next,go inside Ilex Forest and help a boy find his Farfetch'd.He'll give you HM1,Cut,if you do.Use cut to get out of Ilex Forest and to Goldenrod City.

In Golderod City,defeat the gym leader and talk to the lady watering her flowers.She'll give you the squirt bottle,which moves the Sudowoodo blocking the road.

Go on to Ecruteak City.Battle the Kimono Girls to get HM4,Surf.Then,go to the Burned Tower.You'll meet your rival there.Beat him and set the ledgendary dogs loose.Next,beat the gym leader and get the badge.

Now,go to Olivine City and climb the Lighthouse.Talk to Jasmine.Then,go to Cianwood City and get the medicine.While you're there,beat the gym leader to get a badge and HM2,Fly.Fly back to Olivine City and deliver the medicine. Jasmine will then return to the gym.Beat her to get a badge.

From Ecrteak City,go to Mahogany City.Go up to the Lake of Rage and catch the Red Gyrados.Lance will then appear.Talk to him to help him investigate the unusual sounds the radio has been broadcasting.It turns out that Team Rocket has taken over the city.Beat them to get HM6,Whirlpool.

Now,Team Rocket has taken over Goldenrod City as well.Defeat them again to get a feather that makes the ledgendary birds appear.

Go through Ice Cave to get to Blackthron City.Beat the gym leader.She'll then test you to find the Dragon Fang.Find it to earn the badge.

Now you're on your way to the Pokemon League!Return to New Bark Town and surf to the other side of the water.You'll enter Kanto.Go on until you reach Victory Road.At the end of Victory Road,you'll meet your rival.Beat him and go on to battle the Elite 4.