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Pokémon Island


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Pokemon Crystal Cheats

This is where the best Crystal cheats are listed.

Big Cheats

Get Powerful Attacks on Level 10 Pokemon

After you win the match against your rival,the Move Tutor will appear just outside of the Goldenrod City slot machines.He can teach one of your Pokemon Flamethrower,Ice Beam,or Thunderbolt.He can even teach level 10 Pokemon!

Get rare items

In the Ruins of Alph sliding panel room,there are other secret rooms that you can get access to by performing a certain task.Those secret rooms contain 4 rare items.

Duplicate Items

Equip a Pokemon with the item you want to duplicate.Deposit the Pokemon in a box.Now,change to another box.When it says "Saving" immediately turn off the power.Your Pokemon and the item will be duplicated.

Get Lots of Rare Candies

Go to the Radio Tower in Goldenrod City.Talk to Buena to get a point.Save your game and turn it off.Turn it back on and change the time to the next day.Talk to Buena again to get another point and trade it in for a Rare Candy.Do this as many times as you want until you have enough.

Get to the First Secret Room

Go to the first puzzle room.Read the writing that's on the wall.It will say "escape".That's the clue.Use an Escape Rope.You should be outside now.Go back into the room.A door will have opened.It is the first secret room.

Second Secret Room

Go to the southern part of the ruins.Surf across to get to the second puzzle room.Read the clue.It says "light".Use flash by there.A doorway will appear.

Third Secret Room

For this, get to the third puzzle room with a water stone in your pack. The passage will open.

Forth Secret Room

This is the final room. You'll have to get all of the ledgendary dogs to get to the room. After you get them, catch Ho-oh. That's your ticket to get in the last secret room.


Duplicate Pokemon

When you breed any Pokemon with Ditto,the baby Pokemon will always be the same type as the Pokemon with a gender.You can use this to get all the Eevee evolutions.

Get Evolution Stones

If you can't Mystery Gift,then you should visit the house at the end of Cerulean Cape.An old man will ask you to bring the Pokemon he describes.Bring it and he'll give you an Evolution Stone.You can do this until you have all the kinds.

Get Rich Quick

Use the item duplication cheat on a Nugget.Duplicate as many times as you want.Then,sell them all to a PokeMart. They'll pay a lot for your Nuggets.

Rumors (Note: these cheats are not true)

Catch Celebi

Go to Goldenrod City and get the GS Ball from the PC.Bring it to Kurt let him check it.After he's done,bring the GS Ball to Ilex Forest Shrine.Put the ball in the shrine.A Pokemon will come flying toward you.That Pokemon is Celebi.

Get a Skateboard

After you beat the whole game without a bike,go to the bike shop in Cerulean City and use the Card Key to open it.There will be an item Poke Ball with a skateboard in it.

Fifth Secret Room

After you get into the forth secret room,immediately use Escape Rope.You'll wind up in a fifth room,where there are lots of rare items and a TM 51.It is a move called Waza Machine!