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~UPDATE~ I am NOT going to update this site anymore becuz I just can't find anymore cheats. To tell u the truth, I don't think I'm that crazy about Pokemon anymore. But if u still have a cheat that I don't already have, u can still email me about it. Just to tell u again... I WILL NOT BE POSTING NEW CHEATS ANYMORE!
This is the ultimate website for cheats on all of the Pokemon games!!! These cheats are all tried out, so I guarantee you that all of the cheats will work (some of the cheats are rumors and I'll let you know when they're not true). If they don't, just email me and I'll take the cheat off the web (only email me about the real cheats I've posted, not the rumors). But for now, sit back, relax, and enjoy your visit!!!!!!! :)


Click above for the new cheat of the week!!!

As you know, this site is dedicated to all Pokemon cheats. It covers most of the Pokemon games that have been released so far, so I'll be putting up some more Pokemon Crystal tricks some time this month. But, there are still a lot of things to check out, like our Pokemon Gold/Silver cheat page. It contains some wacky tricks that I found out myself.

There are also cheats for old Pokemon games, like Pokemon Red,Blue and Yellow. They have plenty of tricks, but you probably heard most of them already. So, I'll be putting up a new trick every week. You should be able to see it on the last day of each week. That way, you can avoid seeing the same cheats over and over again.

I have one more thing to say. Many of you have already heard about Pokemon. But for some of you, you probably haven't heard about it yet. Or perhaps you have heard about it, but don't know what is. Well, here's your chance to find out. On the left side of this page is the story of Pokemon. It explains the concept of the Pokemon games. It also gives you an outline of Pokemon Gold\Silver. That can very handy if you want to be a Poke-maniac like me!

Once again, I'm telling you that this place has it all. Cheats, screenshots, Pokedex, and more cheats! This place has got to be the only thing Pokemon fans want. I mean, who wouldn't want to have a little fun putting in cheats? No one! So, I'm telling you to check out every page on this incredible site or you'll be sorry you didn't!
Ok, a little more about me. Let's see... my email address is ylink2u2@hotmail.com. My AIM screen name is aznwarriordude. My Neopets username is sohell. I don't have ICQ, though. My favorite video game is the Pokemon series, duh! But my new favorite games are Dragon Warrior III and Mario Tennis. My favorite genre is RPGs, as you might have guessed. Ok, all done now. You don't have to hear me babble on and on anymore.

The Story of Pokemon

The story begins in New Bark Town, where Silver/Gold, the young hero, lives. One day, Professor Elm, a famous Pokemon researcher, called Silver to get something from Mr.Pokemon. It seems that Mr.Pokemon had discovered something. Unfortunately, Professor Elm was too busy to leave his lab. So he gave a Pokemon to Silver/Gold for protection.

When Silver/Gold got to Mr.Pokemon's house, he saw that Professor Oak was there too! Professor Oak then gave a Pokedex to Silver/Gold after he saw how well Silver/Gold treated his Pokemon. Then, Mr. Pokemon told him about his discovery-a Pokemon egg-and Silver/Gold left for Elm's lab again.

On the way, Silver/Gold met a boy. The boy challenged him to a battle. After he beat him, he continued on his way. When he arrived at the lab, there was an officer there. It turns out that the boy Silver/Gold battled was the boy who stole a Pokemon from Elm's lab. After helping out the investigation, Professor Elm noticed Silver's/Gold's Pokedex. He was amazed! He told Silver/Gold to go on his own Pokemon quest because Professor Oak gave him a Pokedex.

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