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New Cheat of the Week

Every week, there's a new cheat. Now that's a lot of cheats!!!

week of 5/12/02 (aka Mother's Day)
sent in by
I'm not too sure about this one...
To get Mew:
Catch a Missingno in the Red/Blue Version. Trade it go Gold/Silver. Breed it with Mewtwo. The egg you are given will hatch into Mew.

Get an Invincible Kangaskhan
week of 5/19/02
sent in by

okay, here's what you do.  (I've only tested this with the blue and red
version, but its idea should work.)  Complete the item duplication
trick. (Talk to the man in viridian, surf on the right side of
cinnibar.)  Encounter a level 0 'M'.  (IT CANNOT BE A MISSIGNO. IT MUST
BE 'M' AT LEVEL ZERO!)  After cacthing this pokémon use any four TMs or
HMs.  It should learn any.  I recommend to not keep its original attacks
for they tend to freeze the system sometimes.  After teaching 'M' all
the four attacks you want, use a rare candy.  It will evolve into a
Kangaskhan.  (Everytime it evolved into a Kangaskhan for me.)  It will
only be level 1, and all of Kangaskhans moves are available, but all the
attacks you taugh it before are still there.
In other words, this cheat allows you to obtain a Kangaskhan with any
four attacks,  one of mine learned Rage, Thunder, Solor Beam, and Fly(!)

You can own a flying Kangaskhan!!
Another one of mine learned Blizzard, Fissure, Bide, and Fire Blast.
This really does work.
WARNING: If you attemt this with a Missingno. rather than a Mysterio (or
'M') your game may be erased, made blurry, or even unplayable (in
extreme cases) Trust me, it happened to me!
Good Luck.
PS Silver/Gold 'M's may evolve into something else... (?)

Masterball Trick
week of 5/26/02
Hold 'A' and 'up' when ball opens. 'B' and 'down' when ball closes. And 'B' and 'select' when ball wiggles. Works 85% of the time.
I'm adding all this cuz I'm making up all the weeks I missed!