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Pokemon Crystal Information

In this page,you'll find out all about the new version of Pokemon,Crystal!

Pokemon Cystal is the same adventure as Gold and Silver,but it's a little more...polished.There are lots of differeces between the games,but the biggest difference is the new girl feature.Now,you can choose to play as a boy or a girl.

Another difference is the animation.When a Pokemon appears,it will perform an animation of it's own.The Pokedex is different,too.Entries are animated to move.It's a big improvement from the dull Gold and Silver non-moving pictures of Pokemon.

There is also a Suicune catching event.After you get the Clear Bell from the Station Manager,bring it to Tin Tower to meet the Wise Trio and get a chance to catch one of the legendary creatures that ran out of the Burned Tower.Suicune will not run away from,so it'll be easier to catch.You'll also need Suicune and all the other legendary creatures if you want to catch Ho-oh later.

You'll have to catch Ho-oh if you want to have the items in the last secret room.In the room is also the last part of the Unoun's story.You have to see it if you really want to know a little more about the Unoun.

There is also a new radio program which challenges you to listen for a password every night.The program is called Buena's Password.The first time you visit her,you'll get the Blue Card,which let's you store your points.From later on,you'll get a point each for every password you get right.Use the points to redeem prizes like Rare Candies and Max Revives.

The Unown play a bigger part as well.Every puzzle room has a secret passage which you can open by doing the stuff that's written on the wall.By doing so,you'll get to a secret room that's filled with 4 rare items that normally costs a lot.There is also a story about the Unown.

There is another new feature,which is the Battle Tower. The Battle Tower is like Pokemon Stadium 2.Random teams are drawn.You have to defeat 7 consecutive trainers to win items such as Potions and Revives.The competition starts at level 10 and goes all the way up to level 100.You can only choose 3 Pokemon to battle with,but it is well worth it!

After you beat your rival at Mt.Moon,you can go to Goldenrod City and get the Move Tutor to teach your Pokemon some good moves like flamethrower,thunderbolt,and ice beam for 4000 coins.Now that's a lot of coins,so start saving up extra early if you want some of your level 10 Pokemon to battle in the Pokemon Tower.The competitions are really tough.

Some Pokemon learn new moves in Crystal.Wild Dugtrio now have Tri Attack as a basic move.Magneton can learn Tri Attack at level 35.Cloyster is able to learn Spikes at level 33.Eevee learns Baton Pass at level 36.Spinarak learns Agility at level 45.Yanma learns Wing Attack at level 37.Qwilfish has Spikes as a basic move.Sneasel can learn Metal Claw at level 65.Swinub learns Amnesia at level 55.Suicune learns Bubblebeam at level 11,Rain Dance at level 21,and Aurora Beam at level 41.

You'll spot Suicune a number of times before you can capture it.You'll also meet Eusine,a Suicune lover who has searched for it for a long time.The Poke Seer is another special feature for Crystal.He tells when and where you caught a Pokemon and can see how attached a Pokemon is to you.