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Pokémon Island


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Pokemon Yellow Cheats

This is where all the Pokemon Yellow cheats are.

Big Cheats

Raise Pikachu's Level Fast

When you first get your Pikichu,trade it to another version of Pokemon.Duplicate your Rare Candy and use it on Pikichu. Trade it back to Yellow version.Pikachu will be at a high level,but he'll still obey you because your starting Pokemon always obey their trainers no matter how inexperienced they are.

Go To Cycle Road without a Bike

If you don't have a bike,you may think that you're not allowed to go to Cycle Road,right?Wrong!Go to the gate blocking Cycle Road.Press and hold the right arrow on your control pad while you talk to the guard.You should be past the guard now.Then,walk through the gate.You will be on a bike even though you don't have one.

Pikachu's Dance

Find a ledge and jump down,but let Pikachu go down with you.After some time,Pikachu will get impatient and will dance for you.(If you walk while Pikachu is dancing,Pikachu will slide behind you instead of walking.)
Sleepy Pikachu
Go to the Pokemon Center in Pewter City. There's a Jigglypuff there. Talk to it to make it sing. Afterwards, check on Pikachu. It will be asleep. If you play the Pokeflute, it will wake up. It will also wake up after you talk to it.

Just For Fun

Put a Bucket on Pikachu's Head

Go to a pond and fish with Pikachu beside you.After you fish,check on Pikachu by talking to it.Pikachu will have a bucket over his head.

Make Pikachu Say "Fish"

Repeat the bucket cheat (above)and talk to Pikachu.It will have a speech bubble with a fish drawn in it.(This cheat brings out questions."How can Pikachu say ""fish"",when all it can say is ""Pikachu""???")

Make Pikachu Really Happy w/o Doing Anything

First,heal Pikachu at a Pokemon Center.Then, use Max Potions on it even though it won't work.Check on Pikachu.It will be really happy even though you didn't waste any Max Potions.(You can use this to get Bulbasaur.)

Change Pikachu's Color
At the name rater, change Pikachu's name to PIKACHAN. Pikachu will have a greenish tinge.